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Youth in Science and Business Foundation (YSBF) fosters innovation & creative ideas and helps to convey novel messages...


What is YSBF?

We are an innovative non-profit research & development organization

YSBF has been active with projects related to policy development, information technologies, young people, dissemination of novel ideas and innovative developments in science and business. We have been promoting fresh ideas and supporting innovation and creativity since YSBF's establishment in 2001.

Main areas of focus

YSBF has been co-operating with partners from most European countries in projects financed by European Commission, Estonian Government, Enterprise Estonia and other financiers.

Parnters' comments

I worked two years long with Eero Elenurm in the frame of an European project about the young people and their access to science on internet. These two years were very fruitfull as various level : the discovering of european scientific websites, the various approaches of the project… and of course, the cooperation with colleagues from all around Europa. Among this, Eero was an indefectible partner : his energy, his enthousiasm and the quality/regularity of his production were an important part of the success of this project.

by Laure Chemery / YOSCIWEB project co-ordinator

YSBF was a perfect collaborator in the Grundtvig partnership coordinated by us (University of Málaga). They paid special interest and attention to all the different tasks required in the project and their reports and opinions were a clear help to the partnership goals. Undoubtedly, to count with YSBF as a collaborator is a good choice.

by Jesus Delgado / E-COM +45 project co-ordinator


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